Services offered

Taking heed to evolve an educated future community

We are taking heed to evolve an educated future community by providing courses benefitting their lives standards, without seeking marginal profits and even compromising the quality of services delivered. The learning and guiding services offered are up to the standards of Kingdom of Bahrain .


"Nothing worth having ✌️ comes easy.

We ensure our vision and mission in this divine enterprise. To make it unique as we aim at/ aspired , guarantee that we employ talented teachers who are passionate and courteous.
The centre is wholehearted to come up with excellent learning opportunities for meritorious scholars
Our motto is to scaffold scholars/children based on their preconception and ideals to improve their standards/quality of life.

Vision and Mission

 , And Our,   Vision, Mission


Our vision is to become a pioneering centre for excellence in the field of education and to facilitate best educational experience, to mentor the aspirants .

Our mission is to establish a quality education institution for assisting the learners. The scholars will be provided matchless learning facilities/circumstances for better understanding and virtuous insights on various disciplines, school Tuition, career development courses, Quran teaching for beginners, hadith and islamic tradition and stories of prophets to the school going children to build their career fortunate/providential.

Madrassa Courses

For school going expat students, Age 5 to 15 – Medium English

Brain training exercises

to increase brain power and memory

We are practising Brain training exercises to boost child's attention and concentration and to strengthen the memory.

Remedial Learning programme

for the academically backward children

Each student is different in terms of academic standards, learning ability, classroom learning and academic performance, and each has his own in learning. The aim of Remedial learning programme is to provide learning support to children who are academically backward. It helps to strengthen their confidence and enhance the effectiveness of learning. It develops positive attitudes, improves self-learning and independent thinking. As well as prepare them for future studies and career.




C.R. No: 137428-1.